I would equate my journey with yoga to that of a love affair that has lasted over a decade and a half. There have been ups, downs, moments of bliss, and moments that have brought me to my knees. Above all else, yoga has taught me to be a student of life. Yoga has taught me to ride life’s waves with grace and a fierce determination for living. I’ve learned to listen deeply to find the meaning in each life experience, which requires constant practice stepping out of the way, so one moment can give way to the next.

I discovered yoga as a freshman in college, after a sequence of events led me to a tiny yoga Ashram in the woods outside of Gainesville, FL. I completed my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida but the transformation that I experienced as a result of my practice led me to pursue a certification in Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation in 2003. This sparked my love for learning about spirituality, eastern philosophy and the mind-body connection. I have since completed a 200 hour Massage Therapy Certification, a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University and most recently a 200 hour yoga certification through Revolution Power Yoga, a Baptiste affiliate studio.

It is the simple things in life that bring me the most joy and where I find my inspiration for teaching. It is also the simple truths that hold the most resonance for me. My classes are designed to link breath with movement and body with mind. It is this process, stepping into flow, that I believe reminds us of our true nature and the innate wisdom we all hold within.

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