Joe Joe has an extensive background in the practice of yoga since ’99. Over 1000 hrs of official training, Joe Joe has completed intensive teacher trainings and assisting for San Francisco based, Rusty Wells and Janet Stone. He also had the honor to experience Life of a yogi teacher training with New York based, Sri Dharma Mittra.

Joe Joe’s intent was not to teach, but to learn and give back to the community he was blessed to be apart of. As a teaching assistant, Joe Joe assisted large groups of love filled and inspiring yogis led by his teachers. He realized that being of service in that way was just an expansion in the practice of presence. Being of service taught him how to embody compassion, and more acceptance of himself and others. That is when Joe Joe decided it was time to start using his own voice in teaching the practice of yoga.

Although Joe Joe offered pop up weekly yoga practice for friends and family in 2007, 2012 was when he began to offer public classes in some of San Francisco’s great yoga studios. Joe Joe has practiced and trained in many of the varied yoga styles over the years, but it wasn’t until he was introduced to the dynamic ebb and flow, universal rhythm, love and devotion of BhaktiFlow, that he found himself able to really resonate with this living practice. All life is Yoga! All life is Yoga! All life is Yoga!

Joe Joe has also been of service in the beauty industry since ’94. He started out working for Vidal Sassoon in Boston, Massachusetts as a hairstylist, transferred to California as Assistant Creative Director, and eventually went independent, as a haircut and color specialist. Being of service to others is what Joe Joe believes is what where here to do, as in helping to remind others of the teacher within.
Joe Joe believes it so much so, that he also offers energy work as a level 2 Reiki Master, and body work as a Esalen massage practitioner.

With humble gratitude for the mountains and this new chapter!

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