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Middle School…do you remember? For many teen girls middle school is a time of self doubt and endless struggles to fit in. The pressure of school and friends leaves many girls feeling drained and mislead. Could you imagine if you had the opportunity as a middle school student to practice yoga? What skills would you have been given? How could these skills have shaped you at an age that is so difficult for so many? 
According to research from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty’s 2005 Global Study, “Beyond Stereotypes: Rebuilding the Foundation of Beauty Beliefs,” 70% of teenage girls who feel bad about their looks respond by withdrawing from life. They avoid school, cancel doctor visits and feel afraid to speak up in class.
So why yoga?  Most teenage girls have at least one thing about themselves that they would like to change. Yoga teaches people to connect with their “true self”. The self that lies beyond the stress to fit in, the pressures of school and work, and family expectations. The practice emphasizes a mind-body connection and gives the girls the opportunity to develop self-confidence as they develop a new skill. The practice of yoga will encourage a positive body image allowing the girls to focus on the strength and flexibility of their bodies. 

Each week the Girl PowHER Yoga Program meets at several middle schools in Eagle County. In each practice local yoga instructors lead a group yoga practice of middle school girls as we explore key elements to finding our authentic self. Yoga teaches each of us to become more in tune with our body. It pushes the girls out of their comfort zone as they try new poses, inversions, balancing, and arm balancing. Through meditation, yoga asana, and small group we study and discuss speaking our truth, trust, vitality and energy, and relationships with ourselves and others. The girls are given the opportunity to practice life skills such as self-confidence, positive coping skills, communication, and courage in a safe and supportive environment. 


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To support this wonderful community program please join us at the Brush Creek Pavilion on Friday, December 1st at 5:30 pm for a donation based yoga practice. We will celebrate our girls and their families through an all levels community practice featuring community yoga instructors, our youth, and local musicians. All proceeds will benefit Girl PowHER Yoga. Please bring a canned food item for the Eagle County Food bank. Hope to see you there! 




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