500 hour teacher training coming to YOB!

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August 5-11th and November 4-10th 2013! 

The Undercurrent 100 hour Teacher Training with R.R. Shakti 

(part one of 500 hour certification. Can be taken with out completing 500 hr certification)
Yoga Off Broadway, Eagle CO.Image
Take a dive into the Pranamaya Kosha, or Subtle Energy Body. 
In this 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training, you will explore the psychology of the chakras, and how to effectively utilize mudra, bandha, marma, spanda and pranayama practices to ignite the power of your inner fire and dance with the inner winds. This will be a preparatory stage towards understanding and applying Organic and Vital Yoga Therapies. Training is appropriate for Yoga Teachers and Practitioners who seek to deepen their practice. 
CEUs may apply.
Prerequisites may apply.

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