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Using music in your practice is a personal choice. In fact, in a traditional yoga practice music is seen as a distraction from your “inner voice” and is not used. Many people find that using music can help them have a deeper experience in their practice. Music can inspire you, help you tune out external stimuli, and help you relax. The music you use in your practice can help facilitate a similar state of mind when you are off your mat. Music This month I would like to share some of my favorite selections for Restorative yoga. So grab your bolster or your meditation cushion and take time to relax. Image


Anjali Restorative Playlist

Tibetan Singing Bowls for Relaxation     (OM)

Devi Prayer (Craig Pruess and Ananda)

Humming (Deva Premal)

Any Other Name (Thomas Newman)

Shanti (Peace Out) (MC Yogi)

Closing (Wah!)

Gently Down Pt. 1 (Liquid Mind) 



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