Yoga Etiquette Guide

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The practice of yoga is full of new and sometimes strange rituals. Many times we just need someone to lay it all out for us. For instance why do we take off our shoes? Is it alright to have our cell phone in class with us? Are you allowed to eat right before class? Here are the answers to some common questions that students ask us regarding “Yoga Etiquette”.

Before class:

Eating/Drinking: It is best to wait 2 hours after eating a large meal to practice yoga.  Give yourself 45 min- an hour after a snack before let meals or snacks digest before coming to class. Make sure to hydrate properly before and after yoga. Especially during a Hot Yoga class.

What to wear: Wear clothing that is comfortable and that will stay in place as you move. Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes that are not too loose. Choose appropriately based on how your clothing may respond to sweat, inversions, lying down, bending forward. We sell lots of appropriate yoga wear for all bodies and price ranges.

What to Bring: We offer mats, towels, water (please bring a bottle), and props. You are also welcome to bring or purchase your own from the studio.

Avoid: Please avoid wearing strong scents such as perfumes, deodorants, essential oils, or cologne. This helps maintain the purity of the practice space especially for practitioners who have sensitivity to smells.

Arrive early: If it is your first time, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out a waiver, get changed if needed, and settle in.

Footwear: Take off your shoes and socks before you walk into the practice space and place them in the lobby.

Electronic devices: Please turn your cell phone off. If you do need to
keep your cell phone with you and turned on during class (i.e. if you are a physician on call or a pilot on standby), then please set it on vibrate.
set it to vibrate.

Communicate: If you have any injuries, limitations, or concerns, please notify your instructor before class begins.

Positioning your mat: Orient your mat so you will be facing the teacher.
Make space for others: If a fellow student arrives and there is not an immediate space available for their mat, please offer to adjust your mat in order to create space for them.

Other people’s mats: For many people, their mat is a safe, sacred space. Please respect this by not stepping on other’s mats or asking before doing so.

Take Child’s pose at any time: If at any point you feel that you need a rest, then please take Child’s pose. You can return to Child’s pose at any time. Even if the teacher does not cue the posture. Return to the practice when you are ready.

If you are late: Please try to be on time by arriving at least 5 minutes before class has started. If you arrive more than ten minutes after class has started, then it’s
best to come back for the next class. If you are late please wait until the class has started moving before entering the room.

After class
If you borrowed a mat from the studio, wipe it down and return it. If there is moisture on the
floor around your mat—either from your perspiration or your water bottle—wipe it up with your towel. Please return all props.

Please remember to be mindful of classes that may be starting and respectful of the other students by holding loud conversations outside and using soft voices when the next class is about to begin.

As always, ask questions. Let us know if you have any concerns. We are here to help YOU develop a loving, fun, and fulfilling yoga practice!

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