10 ways to elevate from mediocrity to GREATNESS (from the lululemon ambassador Summit Conference)…

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1. We are ALL Kind of a Big Deal. Everyone is looking for the same things in life. To feel included, worthy, and heard. Everyone has their own hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Most people just need more encouragement to see their full potential.

2. Learn to REALLY see people. When you can see someone you know that we are all connected and we are all looking for the same things in life. To be loved and to be understood. Skip the social B.S talk and speak to what really matters. Ask people about their hopes, their dreams, and their GOALS! I have never felt more connected to a group of people I just met. This is because we talked about these things. We each wanted to see each other and be seen. Drop the ego, the titles, and just have fun!

3. Have FUN! Really Have FUN and don’t hold back! Sometimes I get so caught up in the to do’s of owning a business and my family that I forget to enjoy my life. So play, sing, eat, and sometimes stay up entirely too late playing Dance, Dance, Revolution.


4. Trust. Trust people. Trust Yourself. Trust the Universe.


5. Set Goals and let people know how they can help you reach your goals. Goals help you get clear about what you want in life instead of learning trial by error what you don’t want. Go Big. Dream Big. Base your vision on what is possible instead of what is plausible.

6. Surround yourself with uplifting and inspiring people. Over the three days I spent with the lulu ambassadors I never heard anyone complain. Everyone celebrated each other. It feels good to be heard and to feel supported and it feels good to encourage and support others.


7.GIVE! Give freely with out any expectations.  It feels good to give to others and it feels good to receive from someone that you know is not asking for anything in return. I was so inspired by the number of people who offered to help me complete projects and the humble generosity that was offered to us on our stay.



9. “Too many people under value what they are good at and focus on what they are not.” Find your strengths and live them. Learn to become more of who you already are and use that to your advantage.

10. “Dance like nobody’s watching”. -Mark Twain


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