Carrie has always had a fascination with the human body and the result is a lifetime of studying health and wellness. It started with philosophy and the idea that one can achieve anything they put their mind to which progressed to being a professional athlete. Attaining a deep relationship with her body through dance, she observed every way in which it was able to articulate. It is also through movement that she felt connected to life and others. Various injuries ended her career which inspired her to look for something else to be passionate about. She remembered practicing yoga at a meditation retreat when she was 18 years old. After a few classes she decided to put all of her efforts into yoga. She called studios asking if they needed a studio manager and didn’t stop until she found one. Within the month she was also registered for teacher training. Muscle integration and injury prevention has been the core focus for Carrie. Now living in the Vail Valley, has a bodywork practice incorporating yoga, Rolfing, Massage Therapy, Reiki and working in various medical atmospheres to help people attain more freedom in their body. Her yoga classes are usually inspired with music and cues for muscle integration building toward a goal of strength and flexibility. There is a meditative quality to her classes reflecting her passion for the Om Symbol- the 3 phases of sleep, the veil, the space between the veil and Samadhi, all of which is incorporated throughout her class.

Certified in Vinyasa, with influences of Hatha, Forrest, and Anusara styles of Yoga

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