What started for me as an interest in yoga 15 years ago, focused on fitness, slowly evolved into a discovery of self, mindfulness, creativity, and healing. Through an exploration of yoga and establishing a dedicated practice, I learned how to cultivate energy from within, balance a busy professional life with self care, nurture back and shoulder injuries, and explore anxiety and trauma to build an understanding of myself and how I must heal.
Completing my 200 RYT with Yoga on Broadway, and a student of yoga for life, my teaching is purposed on holding space for students to explore and define their own experience. I enjoy teaching classes focused on energetically sequenced flows that allow for time to pause and explore postures, breath, and mind. I strongly believe there is no wrong reason to come to a yoga class. As long as body and intention are honored, you will be on your path to wholeness and get what you need from yoga.

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