Frequently Asked Questions

* I am new to yoga/barre what should I expect? 

Please show up 10 mins early to sign a waiver and meet your instructor. We have everything you need for your practice including complimentary mats and props. Please make sure to let your instructor know if you have any injuries, questions, concerns, or limitations. Yoga and barre are a practice, as you continue to take classes you will notice an increase in flexibility and strength.

*I’ve never done yoga /barre before, what class should I go to first?

We want all our students to feel comfortable at our studio. Many of our classes are all-level practices. Just let your instructor know you are a beginner. Also, make sure to inform your instructor of any injuries or limitations.  If you want a slower-paced class we recommend you try out Yoga For Every Body your first time. Then talk to your instructor about what other classes might work for you. In class, you should move at your own pace and listen to your body. You should not feel pain in class. Please let your instructor know if you need a different posture offered to you during class.

*What do I wear to class?

In a yoga/barre class, you want to wear clothing that will breathe and is comfortable to move in. You may want to wear a shirt or top that is form-fitting so it does not go over your head as you practice. We carry athletic clothing in our studio should you care to purchase something for you to wear for class.

*What else do I need to bring?

We have everything you need at the studio. We do not charge for mat rentals.


What are the benefits of Red Light Yoga? 

Our studio features medicinal-grade red light and near-infrared light classes. These specialty lights work within the cells of the body to provide a tremendous amount of benefits including:

Muscle and Joint Pain Relief
Increased Blood Circulation
Restoration of Motion to Joints
Nerve Pain Relief and Regeneration
Temporary Relief of Pain Associated with Arthritis
Improvement of Skin Appearance and Texture
Immune System Boost
Increased Energy Levels
Enhancement in Brain Health
Cell Regeneration and Enhanced Tissue Repair
Promote Wound Healing
Reduce Chronic Pain

The red lights are safe to look at but we suggest not staring directly at them during class. Please speak with your doctor if you have medical concerns. Classes with Red Light are noted on the schedule.


*Is there anything else I should know?

There are some common yoga practices you should be familiar with:

Please do not wear shoes inside the yoga studio.

Come to class 5-10 minutes early to be ready to practice when the class starts. The studio is open 15 minutes before class start time.

You do not need to pre-register for class to attend. If you have pre-registered and do not plan to come please email or leave a message to let us know you are not coming or you will forfeit your punch.

Please leave all bulky jackets and personal items in the coat room.

Students who are more than 5 minutes late to class will not be permitted to enter.

Please use a quiet voice when speaking inside or outside of the studio. Many students use the time before class for quiet reflection or meditation.

Please no talking or cell phones during class. Please turn off all phones and smart watches before class.

No eating inside the yoga studio.

Make sure to let your instructor know if you are injured or pregnant.

All students MUST sign a waiver before participating in class.



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