Laura Newcomer has been practicing yoga for more than a decade. She fell in love with the practice during her first class in a basement gymnastics studio in rural Pennsylvania. She went to the class for a physical and mental challenge, and then she found herself crying in savasana—which told her there was also a lot of emotional and spiritual territory to explore within the practice of yoga. Since then she has practiced in small towns and big cities across the east coast before moving to Colorado in June 2016. She earned her Yin Yoga teacher certification under Corina Benner and is currently finishing up her Buti Yoga Teacher Certification through Buti Yoga as well as her YTT 200-hour Certification with YOB’s very own Yvonne Schwartz. In addition to practicing and teaching yoga, Laura is also a professional writer, editor, and writing and marketing consultant.

After spending the last ten years benefiting from the practice of yoga on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, Laura is now seeking to be of service to other people exploring their lives and minds through yoga. She strongly believes in building welcoming, inclusive yoga communities and classes that empower students to pursue their personal relationships to their bodies, minds, and yoga practices in a safe, affirming setting.

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