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 Self love has been at the forefront of Erin’s practice since she boldly started doing the work of looking at her life honestly and making the shifts necessary to create fierce freedom and great peace in her heart. It is her intention to support her students through honest and open dialogue about life’s challenges and distractions that pull us away from our path, our practice. In her class, she encourages the ability to stay, breathe, and focus with a tender heart on the real work it takes to liberate our hearts and minds off the mat.

She has many great teachers to thank. Everyone who has graced her life with their presence is a mirror for her to reflect on her own light, curiosities, suffering, intensities, transitions, healing, beauty, and love. She began her studies with Amy Baker and Kerri Bergeron, continued on to learn the art of teaching yoga to children with Kidding Around Yoga, enhanced her knowledge on the power of self healing through plant medicine with Wisdom of the Earth, and explores the gentle practice of teaching senior yoga, caring for our elders.

Through the many different places in her body, mind, and spirit her yoga practice has taken her,
she is most grateful for the truth and acceptance it continues to reveal. A truth about who she is
and has the potential to be when the ego falls away, an acceptance for life showing up exactly as it is, without the need to interfere. A gratitude for all of the opportunities to grow and expand, learn and be still.
Erin likes to begin each day as if it’s her first approach, to this practice, to finding inner peace and freedom and see what it reveals. One of her favorite quotes is “how you live your days is how you live your life”. Such a sweet way to sink into the knowing that it all matters, all of it.
When not teaching or practicing at the studio, you can find her climbing mountains by foot, bike, or splitboard with her remarkable family and friends, and laughing, living it up one adventure at a time with her most favorite human beings, her husband and son

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