“It’s a place where anyone can practice yoga, regardless of level of experience, or even age. It reflects the strength of the community by bringing individuals together in practice.”     -Laura 

“I believe that Yoga Off Broadway has excellent instructors. Their personalities are all very different and yet there is a common theme of kindness and passion for the practice.”     -Kathy 

“Yoga Off Broadway is a welcoming, non-judgmental place to practice yoga. I think that people of all levels and abilities feel comfortable doing yoga at the studio.”    -Grace

 “The instructors are wonderful! The variety of classes are great, varied, and offered at many times. The studio is comfortable, calming, and clean, and one is instantly welcomed in when entering. I love everything about the studio and staff.”     -Sue

“Even with the different levels of the people in your classes you make even the newest members feel welcome and help in the learning process. You share you knowledge of yoga with all.”     -Rich

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